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The Blessing of Favor book cover

The Blessing of Favor
By Kate McVeigh

About the Book
This softcover book is a completely revsied and expanded version of Kate's best-selling book called The Favor Factor. Realize the divine favor you have with God and man -- and how to put it to work in your life!

Kate McVeign About Kate
Voted "Least Likely To Succeed" by her classmates, Kate McVeigh has risen from the depths of "least likely" to the pinnacle of success. The once-fearful and timid school girl who was in classes for "slow learners" from the 5th grade on, gave her life to the Lord in High School, discovered a timeless truth that would set her on a path to achieving the improbable.

At the age of sixteen, after witnessing her mother's amazing conversion and healing, Kate accepted the Lord and immediately everything began to change. From the very beginning of her new walk with God, she sensed the call of God to preach the Gospel and reach people world wide with a life changing message, an impossible task for someone who nearly fainted over giving an oral book report.

However, Kate's tenacity to face her personal giants paid off as she tapped into the revelation of God's favor, which would revolutionize her life forever. Today she shares that same life-transforming message with thousands of people across the world, living the dream gave her as a teenager. Kate is now a noted evangelist and seminar speaker, making guest appearances in churches and corporate settings over 250 times each year. She has been featured on global T.V. networks such as the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Total Christian Television, Daystar, LeSea, INSP and many others, sharing her personal testimony and life-changing message of faith in God.

In addition to a hefty traveling schedule, she effectively reaches the world on a daily basis through her "Voice of Faith" radio broadcast, airing on dozens of radio stations, internet and satellite broadcasts.

Kate is also an acclaimed author with 9 Books in circulation. The release of her first book, The Blessing of Favor, in 1997 was just the beginning of a flood of titles in which Kate's practical teachings and unique insights have impacted thousands.

Kate knows by experience how God's favor can impact even the most impossible circumstances. By implementing the principles she found in the Word of God, He effectively changed the course of her life. Now the 5"4" Evangelist is making a super-sized impact in the world on a daily basis.

Kate's teaching is motivational as she loves to inspire others to succeed. Kate's positive and often humorous style of speaking, imparts hope and encouragement to all, with thousands making a commitment to Christ in her meetings every year.

Kate McVeigh is living proof that the Word of God has the power to alter your present circumstances and rewrite your future. She is living proof that with God all things are possible.

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