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Joyce MeyerJoyce Meyer Shares Decades-Long Struggle With Health In New Book; Reveals Secrets to “Enjoying Everyday Life”

Look Great, Feel Great Offers 12 Keys to Stem

“America’s Self-Respect Crisis”

“I have been in some deep, dark places where I could see no light at all. I started my life in such a place…I was the lonely, depressed, and overweight girl; I was the workaholic; I was ill with stress; I was addicted to caffeine and cigarettes … I was the chronic dieter.

“I was all those things, each and every one, and it felt overwhelming and insurmountable but I have seen God deliver me from all those troubles once I achieved clarity and made the decision to concentrate on the basics … Now I feel great, I accomplish more than ever before, reach more people, and do it all with the joy, passion, and freedom that God intended us to live with every day.”

--Joyce Meyer, Look Great, Feel Great

NASHVILLE, TN—New York Times Best-selling author Joyce Meyer reveals for the first time her fifty-plus year journey through poor health to strength and vitality—sharing the twelve keys to good health discovered along the way. Meyer says, “I wrote Look Great, Feel Great (Warner Faith, April 2006, Hardcover) because I am sixty-three years old and I can truthfully say that I feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually than I ever have in my life…I want to help you get there.”

The disclosure of such a long battle with illness, aside from her public bout with breast cancer in 1989, makes Meyer’s many accomplishments all the more astounding. Named in February 2005 as one of Time Magazine’s top twenty-five evangelical leaders, Meyer is the author of over seventy books, conducts over 20 conferences per year, and her television program “Enjoying Everyday Life” is broadcast to two-thirds of the globe. In 2004, almost 2.5 million copies of her books were sold, and well over 1 million were donated world-wide.

Meyer’s experiences with abuse, self-neglect, shame, workaholism, a failed marriage, and poor eating and exercise habits encouraged by her ever-growing ministry will hit home with readers from all walks of life. Challenging what she terms “America’s Self-Respect Crisis,” Meyer offers reasons why people don’t take care of their health—including losing touch with exercise, “unworkable lives,” and forgetting their intrinsic value—along with prescriptions meted out in twelve chapters containing the keys to great health.

Meyer does not stop with the individual’s transformation, however. In the epilogue she addresses the issue of modeling good habits for the next generation. Meyer says, “If there is one thing sadder than the abuses fostered on adults in America by a culture that disdains health, it is the terrible impact this has on our kids.” Offering parents 10 ways to put fitness and self-esteem in their child’s life, Meyer hopes to teach kids healthy body images and lifestyles—somewhat the

Delivered with Meyer’s traditional “no-nonsense” style along with personal, candid revelations (such as discussing her cosmetic surgery procedure) the twelve keys to enjoying everyday life are: Let God Do the Heavy Lifting; Learning to Love Your Body; Mastering Metabolism; Exercise, Balanced Eating, Water Your Life, Mindful Eating, Curb Your Spiritual Hunger, De-Stress, Right Vision, Make It Easy, and Take Responsibility. Each key provides information to why that principle is essential, personal testimony from Meyer and others, along with five practical suggestions for implementation.

With useful tools in the appendix such as a daily self-maintenance checklist and quick-fix emergency sheet, there is also space to keep track of the twelve “commitments” made as the reader progresses through the keys. Meyer says, “Eventually, you’ll have twelve small lifestyle changes you’ve adopted…If you really internalize these twelve little habits, you’ll have truly changed, top to bottom, inside and out.” 

Look Great, Feel Great Look Great, Feel Great: Twelve Keys to Enjoying a Healthy Life Now
Joyce Meyer
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