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A Moment With Charlyn Singleton
author of The Journey from Pain to Purpose

Don't Give Up on the Purpose God Has for Your Life.

Embrace it!

The Journey from Pain to Purpose is a book about surviving life and written by Charlyn M. Singleton. It is a book about understanding God and His timing and why He allows bad things to happen to good people. It is a book about how to deal with disappointment, and delays in life. And it is a book about digging up your dream, and then going after those dreams, and holding on to them no matter how long it takes for them to come to fruition.

Each and every one has been put on this earth to fulfill their God given destiny. Often we get a clue as to what that is through our dreams or those things we have an inner and often unspoken, yet desperate desire to accomplish. At times it seems as if we are going the opposite direction from fulfilling that dream. During these times we can get discouraged and disillusioned. We can begin to question what is life about anyway? Why do I have to go through this? And why am I still in this place? Because we do not understand why we are in our present state and dealing with our particular situation, we can become critical, skeptical, bitter and unfulfilled while our dreams take a backseat to reality. We can then find ourselves tragically simply marking time through life till death.

Pain to PurposeThe book uses the story of Joseph to illustrate purpose is a process that takes place as we journey through life. As the story unfolds it becomes clear that purpose must be prepared for and adverse circumstances, undesirable situations and evil people are just training classes in that purpose.

This is the story of Joseph and a book of understanding. Understanding why things happen in life. Why God allows bad things to happen to good people and does not intervene. The book answers the question, where is God when you don’t see Him? It provides the powerful tool of understanding delayed destiny and gives hope for tomorrow. It provides the reader with hope to go back and dig up their dream. And as such becomes a powerful motivational tool for people in all walks of life: young or old, male or female, rich or poor.

This book is a wonderful tool for Bible Studies, Sunday Schools and has been a blessing to the many book clubs that have read it.

About the Author

Charlyn Singleton
The Journey from Pain to Purpose (Legacy Publishers International)

Charlyn Michelle Singleton has been called the Little Woman with the Big Word for her extraordinary ability to make the Scriptures come to life. An advocate for those struggling with hopelessness, her story-telling gift paints a strong and distinct picture of Bible characters who have overcome adverse circumstances with God’s help. Charlyn is the president and CEO of the “God’s Woman” conferences and the First Lady of Loveland Church in Ontario, California. She is the wife of Sr. Pastor, Chuck Singleton, and a proud mother and grandmother. "The Journey from Pain to Purpose" is her first book.

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