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Interview With Becky Tirabassi
author of Keep the Change: Breaking Through To Permanent Transformation

GGBC: Becky thanks for joining us today! You are a dynamic speaker and the author of Keep the Change. Could you begin by telling us about what inspired you to write Keep the Change?

BT: Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t write or call me with an area of their lives they want to permanently change. Looking for both advice and encouragement, they know I have overcome many things—anger, alcoholism, over-eating, and a poor self-image—and can relate to their struggle.

GGBC: Could you provide us with a brief summary of Keep the Change?

BT: If you have tried repeatedly—or deeply desire—to change one or more areas of your life FOR GOOD, Keep the Change is a practical guide that uses proven methods for attaining permanent transformation. However, beware of its contents; though tried and tested, each chapter requires honest answers and daily effort.

GGBC: How can people begin to Keep the Change in their lives?

BT: Change begins with awareness. Most of us know what we need or want or should change, but we often need something to either inspire us into taking the next step, which is where the power to change is released: admission to God, ourselves, and others.

GGBC: How is Keep the Change different from the vast number of self-help/personal development books that consumers are bombarded with each day?

BT: I once read an author’s answer to the same question, which rang true for me. Any book that contains good advice or practical steps for improvement is only as effective as the reader’s willingness to apply the information to their lives. I suppose we can say that about the Bible, as well. Within it, there is powerful direction for us…but will we adhere to it, embrace it and follow it? To that degree, all books require something from the reader. That is why I include journal pages for the reader to try out. Because I have been committed to journaling daily, I have a place to work out those changes, as well as to record my progress. I want readers to take that step…

GGBC: How will Keep the Change help readers make a lasting change in their lives?

BT: If readers will make a commitment to daily journaling that examines all four areas of their lives (physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental), I believe they will experience the momentum that comes from regular evaluation. No relapse can last more than a day if a person will be honest with their feelings, thoughts, and habits—in writing!

GGBC: How can readers begin to “live the truth”?

BT: A person can begin by speaking the truth to themselves, God and others. The truth requires a person to be honest about themselves and their struggles, as well as, the consequences of their behavior and what it will really require to succeed. I give the example in the book about parents who scream at their kids. I used to be one of those parents so I know what it involves. However, so many parents are unwilling to face the truth that their screaming and yelling is destroying their kids’ self-esteem and sense of loving security. If we really believed that truth, how would it affect our behavior?

GGBC: How can a person begin to control or “tame their temperament”?

BT: I include a personality test within the book, Keep the Change, for every reader to take. Once you know your personality trait—strengths and weaknesses—you can really begin to see how your (and others’) personality can hinder or help you achieve and sustain your goals. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to life-improvement because everyone is wired differently. Knowing your personality can unlock new ideas for customizing an approach to breakthrough, which is individualized, and provides you with your best chance at success.

GGBC: What are some of the ways a person can “protect their mind and emotions”?

BT: This is a very important biblical principle for experiencing a fulfilling life. We must be alert and aware of the lies, accusations, and temptations of the devil. We must take our thoughts captive to Christ on a daily, if not hourly, basis. The New Testament is full of verses and teaching about our thoughts. If a believer is not fully aware that they must guard their mind, they are always at risk.

GGBC: Could you provide us with tips on how readers can “develop a strategy” and what should it entail?

BT: Be a journalist and ask yourself the “W” questions: Who, what, when, where, and why. As you begin to pull these pieces together and really analyze the true implications in your life, you will begin to form the answer to “how” you can make and keep these changes. Ideally, ask a few friends to help you brainstorm the answers and keep you accountable.

GGBC: In what specific ways can readers “capture reality daily”?

BT: A person can capture reality daily by keeping a daily journal. Record your prayers, goals, confessions, and dreams. It is like keeping a photo album. Some changes will occur quickly, others will take time. A line in the book says, “The key to effective journaling is to see it as a vehicle that can take you where you want to go.” That is so true! The decision in my own life twenty years ago to journaling each day has been the greatest source of change in my life—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

GGBC: Becky, in your opinion, how can readers continue to “gain new perspective”?

BT: This chapter is really a combination of all the steps. Gaining a new perspective about your life or situation requires great discipline. It means being strong enough to look past the temporal and toward the eternal. It really requires that you constantly remind yourself “why” you desire to change. The best answer is most often because of love. Maybe you’re willing to change because you love your kids or your husband. Maybe you’re willing to change because someone loves you. The best reason to change and keep the change, is because God loves you!

GGBC: Telling a person “to never give up” has almost become a cliché. Why is it so important to “never give up”?

BT: I speak and write much about prayer. I am incredibly inspired by those who were persistent in prayer. Over and over, examples of those who accomplished great things for God were those who refused to give up in prayer. They believed the impossible because God asked them to do so. That type of “never give up” attitude inspires me in every area. I hope the reader will grab onto that concept, as well.

GGBC: Becky, could you please share with us your upcoming tour dates or appearances?

BT: TBA – please check the website for speaking and media dates and appearances.

GGBC: Becky, we have enjoyed chatting with you. Could you give GGBC an idea of what you are working on next?

BT: A television show called Change Your Life TV®. I’m very excited that Walmart and are the exclusive retailers of the Change Your Life Daily Bible and Change Your Life Daily Journal and it is my goal to expand the Change Your Life® brand of resources into Walmart!

GOOD GIRL Magazine would like to thank Becky Tirabassi, and we wish you continued success in your ministry


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