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Building Wealth from Scratch!
by Asha Tyson

Contrary to popular belief, material wealth is not about luck. Many people feel that to be financially rich you must work hard on a "good job" or find some golden goose and claim your windfall by luck. But I've come to understand that there exists for all of us a particular mindset -- a way of thinking, a consciousness, if you will, that attracts to ones life whatever they are mentally equipped to receive.

Here is the strategy: the more you build your character with wisdom, integrity, patience, confidence, trust, persistence, faith...the more money you will miraculously draw into your life! No matter where you work, what you earn will be in exact proportion to what you learn!

Most people let life wear them down. They are oppressed, depressed and suppressed --They have allowed their spirits to be broken. But you want to let life's experiences mold you into becoming a higher thinker and a stronger being. Grow! Become empowered by your trials and strengthened by your tribulations. Embrace challenge and triumph equally. Get comfortable making tough decisions; expand your marketplace of ideas; and tap into your creative energies! Pay attention to yourself, the world and your place in it. Become evolved and elevated in your understandings. Gather knowledge from both happiness and pain. Chart your journey and count it all as joy. Surrender your soul unto life as a willing volunteer for improvement. And what I know for sure is that you will reach incredible levels of success both inside and out.

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Asha Tyson, Life Strategist
#1 National Bestselling author of
How I Retired at 26! & It's Your Turn!





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