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Resurrection Power
by Gail M. Hayes, Pd.D

Now, a woman, having a flow of blood for twelve years, who had spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by any, came from behind and touched the border of His garment. And immediately the flow of blood stopped. --- Luke 8:43-44

Can you imagine not having the power of His resurrection in your life? Can you imagine not even understanding the significance of His resurrection power? I believe we find the perfect example of someone who understood the Lord's resurrection in our sister, the woman with the issue of blood.

She was near death. Doctors did all they could do for her. She sold all she had for treatments. She cried many tears and tried every available remedy but nothing worked. Nothing stopped the disgusting flow of her blood. Every morning, she awoke, hoping to avoid the stench of her existence. She wanted to be whole. Death beckoned her to give up the fight and welcome his foul embrace. She ran from her unyielding suitor, dodging his attempts at courtship. She felt like a mouse caught in a maze, running but finding no visible means of escape.

With her strength nearly gone, she could barely resist the onslaught of death's serenade. Sinking fast into his dark trap, she wept bitterly. Where else could she turn for help? What could she do? Then one day, while walking through the streets, she heard, above the harsh whispers, about a Man. She heard that this Man possessed resurrection power. She heard that He was coming to her town and would arrive sometime during the next day. Our sister knew that she had to not only see Him, but she had to touch Him. She heard that He performed miracles of healing and deliverance and she needed both. That evening, she made a fateful decision. In the morning, she would not only see but also touch Jesus, Son of the true and living God.

We can imagine on that fateful day, she crawled out of bed and dressed herself. She ate what little breakfast she had and readied herself for the crowd. You see, everyone knew about her condition. Everyone knew she had the flow of blood. You know how it is. When you have an extreme problem, it seems that everyone
knows your business. In your desperate state, you somehow become transparent to the world around you.

You care nothing for stares; nothing for whispers; nothing for the silent wall of opposition that stands, trying to keep you from walking in your destiny. Well, everyone knew about her and her condition and they talked about her. She was unclean. She did not have the right to be out among the people. The air reeked with the foulness of her decaying flesh. Some quickly moved aside, while others, like towers of anger and resistance, held their hands over their noses and barred her way. She knew about their traditions. She knew that her presence made them uncomfortable, but she was a woman on a mission. Like a heat seeking missile, her target was resurrection power.

She pressed through the hostile crowd; The crowd who knew her business; The crowd who talked about her. The crowd who watched her transform from a beautiful, healthy woman to a walking carcass of fast approaching death. She fought her way through barbs of anger and opposition, because these things did not hinder her movement. She fought against tradition, religion, hatred and discrimination. She felt her body weaken and almost give in to the pressure.

Suddenly, she remembered that she was in a battle for her life and this was only chance to live again.. She moved forward with all her remaining strength. As she moved, she fell into the dust of freedom, broke free from human chains and touched the hem of His garment. She experienced the mighty flow of His resurrection power and the Bible tells us that she was made whole. We do not read any other scripture on this woman, but I believe she served as a living witness to the power of resurrection. She was now free to fulfill her true purpose on earth. One cannot walk in purpose until one experiences the resurrection power of our Lord.

The Lord has a magnificent purpose for each of us. When He whispers purpose to our hearts, many times, we allow those sweet whispers to melt in the heat of opposition and discouragement. We know what He spoke but, we still allow others to discourage us. We embrace shame, oppression and unbelief and allow perversion to lead us down the path of ungodliness. We joyfully sit and joyfully feast while others serve us spiritual garbage served on depression's china. This is not what the Father wants for us. When we sit down to this disgusting feast, we minimize our Lord's sacrifice on Calvary’s tree. He lived and died for our freedom. Our Lord wants us free to accomplish our purpose here on earth.

I pray, in this new year, that like the woman with the issue of blood, you will fight against the things that hold you captive and fulfill your purpose. As you walk out your purpose, go into the royal court, touch His garment's hem and be made whole in the name that is above every name...Jesus Christ, Son of the true and living God!

Copyright 2002 -- Gail M. Hayes, Ph.D. - All rights reserved under international copyright laws.

About the Author

Gail M. Hayes, Ph.D is the Executive Director and founder of Daughters of the King Ministries, Inc. and the Alliance of Women Leaders. She is also the host of Write It! Speak It! Live It! Writers Workshop and Proclaim! Christian Communicators Gathering.

When looking for a writer or speaker who ignites your spirit and creates an atmosphere of inspiration, motivation and contagious enthusiasm, you have but to look directly at Dr. Gail Hayes or Dr. Gail as others affectionately call her. Dr. Gail works tirelessly to help women discover, accept, embrace and walk in their God given purpose and identity.Contact her via email or visit our Web site at Daughters of the King.


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