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Love Beyond the Ordinary
by Felicia T. Scott

Love is the true hallmark of the Christian life and extraordinary living. Extraordinary living is about learning to live a life that is based on God's love. It approaches each person with the thought, "How can I reveal God's love to you?" It is focused on service rather than an attitude of elitism. Life's dilemmas and challenges are tackled with the question, "How can I grow from this?" Extraordinary vision recognizes that God always acts in our best interest. In his plans to prosper us, He has already factored in our mistakes, setbacks and sins. It is easy to be distracted as we deal with life's daily pressures. The world is filled with broken and hurting people who can only seem to reproduce their pains in their relationships. Many of us still fight against the temptations to become cold hearted and withdrawn.

To experience extraordinary living, we must be perfected in God's love. His love tempers the fears that cause us to accept mediocrity. Lacking purpose and direction, some live as slaves to the fear of failure, disappointment and rejection. As long as you fear death in any of its forms, you will live a reactive life. Pain avoidance, rather than obedience will be the driving force of your actions. Living in the extraordinary requires that you understand the purpose of pain. God's greatest miracles are birthed through adversity. The courage to live in spite of the pain will only come through understanding the love that works in your favor every single moment of your life. Indeed, the future should be faced with positive expectation.

As Christians, we should be expecting. We should be pregnant with the mission of the Kingdom. The mission can be miscarried, however, if we allow our negative experiences to consume our expectations. Some are pregnant with a vision for things - a new car, a new home or a larger sanctuary. Could it be that God is more concerned about His promises being manifested in our character, than in our external circumstances?

Extraordinary living can only be found in an intimate relationship with the person, character and nature of Christ. Dare to live in the extraordinary! Pursue God with your whole heart and passion. Submit your gifts, talents and wisdom to Him. Live your life in the knowledge that your very existence is a response to a need in the world around you. Knowing this will remind you that despite what comes against you - you are destined to win! Living the winning life - now that is extraordinary living!

Journaling Exercises:

1. How do you define extraordinary living?
2. What is stopping you from living in the extraordinary?

Scripture Keys: Jeremiah 29:11-14

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About the Author

Author of the new release Thrive! 7 Strategies for Extraordinary Living, Encouragement Coach Felicia T. Scott communicates her message of extraordinary living with an engaging combination of wit, humor, transparency and straight talk. An overcomer of depression, she speaks to audiences across the country about H.E.A.L.I.N.G.( personal development, emotional/spiritual health and journaling. Scott has been featured in Essence and Heart & Soul magazines and appeared as a guest on Good Morning Texas and TBN. Her Thrive! H.E.A.L.I.N.G.( Seminar is popular at women's, singles' and youth conferences across the country. For more information visit


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