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The Real Secret to Looking Good
by Jacque' Woods

All the makeup in the world means nothing without inner beauty. The inner you must be fed and nourished in order for your outer beauty to shine through. Nourish your Spirit, look at yourself and others with compassion and kindness. Live a meaningful, grateful and giving life. Accept and love yourself as you are.

Inner beauty has a powerful glow. It recognizes its value- that she is a product of God's love, destined for greatness. She is reminded of her divine origin and high purpose. Never discrediting or demeaning what God created in His own image.

Contrary to what many secular magazines convey, a new hairstyle, the latest shade of lipstick or nail polish cannot brighten your outlook more than the glow you feel from within when all is well in your inner world.

As a makeup artist and beauty consultant, I have come face to face with some physically beautiful women. However, I've found that happiness and feeling comfortable in your own skin, as well as, your confidence in your relationship with Christ is the greatest beauty asset of all.

BEAUTY TIP "I put no confidence in the flesh or on outward privileges and physical advantages and external appearances. I put my confidence in Jesus Christ and I glory in Him." Philippians 3:3

About the Author

Jacque' Woods is a former makeup artist for Estee Lauder Cosmetics. Currently, she is a beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. She can be reached via email at or


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