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Feeling Left Behind?
How to have Victory in Your Singleness
by Valerie Clayton

There was a season in my single life in which I was miserable. Unfortunately that “season” lasted for manyyears. One feeling that I struggled with was the sensation of being “left behind” as girlfriends married. Instead of being married, fulfilling a logical step in my life plan, I was still dodging questions from well-meaning relatives as to why I had not met that special someone. Although I was happy for my friends, I also felt envious of their progress, fearful of a future alone, and out-of-step with the rest of society.

To turn my life around, I had to embrace these life-affirming truths:

  • God had a plan for my life and that He was always working to bring that plan forth.
  • I am unique. I discovered, embraced and developed talents, gifts and interests which caused me to move towards my dreams and fulfill my purpose
  • I needed good friends. I developed a network of supportive friends who I could go out with, talk to, and share my feelings.
  • Anchoring ourselves to God, discovering who weare, and fellowshipping with good friends leads us to live a fulfilling life.

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Victory in Singleness: A Strategy for Emotional Peace by Valerie Clayton and Jerome Clayton, M.S.W.

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