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How to Become a Leading Lady
by Dr. Jeanne Porter

There is a powerful leader inside you raring to get out. Unfortunately, too many of us women have learned to lead in ways designed for and by men. As women, we either deny our leadership or we suppress our unique leadership gifts in order to fit into the expected and accepted patterns.

I am Dr. Jeanne Porter, author of Leading Ladies: Transformative Biblical Images for Women’s Leadership and I desire to change the way we as women see leadership. In Leading Ladies, I introduce to you women from the Bible as well as contemporary women who lead in distinct ways. Leading Ladies provides wonderful models for women seeking to discover and hone their own leadership gifts.

For instance, some of you are gifted to work one-on-one with other people and help them birth their ideas and dreams. You may never have considered such nurturing, relational activities as leadership, but in Leading Ladies, I define roles as the midwife leader and share the story of the Egyptian midwives, corporate mentors and college professors to illustrate this type of leadership. Moreever, I define and beautifully illustrate three other styles of leadership: the leader as choreographer, the leader as weaver and the leader as intercessor. Check out Leading Ladies so that you can release the leader that is within you.

About the Author

Dr. Jeanne Porter is the author of the acclaimed book Leading Ladies: Transformative Biblical Images for Women's Leadership. Leading Ladies promises to inspire, enlighten and educate women and men. Her writing focuses on leadership and leadership development, especially as it relates to women, churches, and communities of color. She is also a contributor to two recently published books: Women's Liberation: Jesus Style and Nature of a Sistuh: Black Women's Lived Experiences in Contemporary Culture.




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