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Put More Faith in Your Romance!
by Donna "Peeples" Patton

God is love. When we allow Him to be the center of a budding romance or even at the core of a troubled marriage, we are submitting to His will and enabling Him to set the tone for our relationships. It takes faith to submit to love. Not even the worst of fiery trials can destroy a relationship when God is truly in the midst of it.

A husband who speaks harshly to his wife for always overspending their budget is actually reacting to fear of lack. A wife that shows unforgiveness toward her husband because he always seems to take her for granted is reacting to fear of rejection. At the heart of every wrong response is fear. Fear is the direct opposite of love. The Bible tells us that perfect love (God) casts-out (rejects) fear.

We can achieve the right response to any problems that confront our relationships when we put our faith in God. A husband might say to his wife, that always overspends their budget, "You know honey, I was looking over our finances for the past several months, and we seem to be overspending. If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to sit down with you to work out a plan that we can follow together to get us back on track." The wife who feels her husband is always taking her for granted might say to him, "Sweetheart, I really miss us hanging-out together. I enjoy being with you-what can I say. Maybe we can finish the laundry together, cook a little supper, light the fireplace and watch the game together tonight. Heaven only knows what will follow... I'll wear your favorite jersey."

God's loving-kindness won out in both of the above cases. Faith, knows that God's way of love works. Have more faith, and put God in the center of your romance!

About the Author

About the writer: Donna "Peeples" Patton, is the author of "From Faythe to Ever-Increasing Faith," a novel published by Abrah-Cove Publishing Company. Contact her at

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