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Living BountifullyLiving Bountifully
by Rev. Dr. Linda H. Hollies

This morning, when I turned on my AOL service there was a beautiful designer purse with the slogan, “How to let people know that you are important!” What a crock! Buying an expensive bag, dress, car or house is not the way to make it to success and abundance in life! Now, for sure someone is being made rich! But they don’t look like you or I! Living bountifully, being successful and experiencing God’s abundance in our lives does not mean that we buy into the world’s concept of possessing only material stuff and things. 

My book, Living Bountifully, is my personal and intimate testimony of making some dumb choices about the things that really matter in the long run! My favorite words used to be “charge it!” I lived on what I had in available credit, not on what I made. There is a vast difference Sista-Friend! And, I waltzed right down a merry path that led me to letting people know “how I important I looked!” However, no one knew how I was scratching my head in the late night hours trying to figure out how to balance all of the credit card payments. Are you feeling me right about now?

It took an act of desperation for me to come to my right mind. One morning, early, I had to confess to my spouse, Mista Chuck, about the foolishness of my ways. I had to set down and look at the pile of payments that I owed for my look of importance. He was not impressed. It was then, that I knew I had to follow a different path to earn and to experience the abundant life that God promised and Jesus died and rose for us to experience. For there were other scriptures that I had neglected to consider in my former state, “Owe no one, except a debt of love!” And, I didn’t know that being a debtor was akin to being a slave! Yes, it’s in your Bible too!

My only saving grace was that I am and have always been a tither. I pray that this is part of your Christian journey too. For the promise to tithers is that God will open the windows of heaven and pour us out blessing that we won’t have room enough to receive. (Malachi 3:10) God’s promise was honored in my life as I begin to live from my earnings; cut up all the credit cards; pay with cash and to make plans for living tomorrow! 

It’s been a long and tedious journey to learn the lessons of having sufficient for my daily needs. This is the first indication of success. The next lesson was to have something to share with the less fortunate. This is a good sign of abundance. And, the third lesson was learning that I only have to impress God! God opens the doors to people of importance and influence for me! Read Living Bountifully and Sista, save yourself!

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