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How To Pursue Your Passion
by Gloria Thomas-Anderson

What is it that stirs a penetrating surge of energy in you? What ignites an intense fervor of enthusiasm within you? THAT thing is called PASSION. Passion is simply gusto! When you know your purpose in life, passion moves you from the boring and routine to the exciting and fulfilling experience called “living your life”.

There are 7 Things to Know in order to pursue your purpose with passion.

You must KNOW your God.

There’s a place within you no one else can go, regardless of how important they are to you. No one but God can commune with you in the way you yearn for most. Allow faith to open your mind and heart. God cannot be explained—only experienced.

You must KNOW yourself.

This begins by becoming transparent and accepting the fact that no one is perfect, not even you. Accomplishments, achievements and good deeds do not always reveal the character or motivation of the true self. Hear your own heart speak and listen to what it says. Be true to yourself and accept your own uniqueness.

You must KNOW what you want and what you need.

Do you need lots of attention? Or does that irritate you? Have you thought about what’s important to you in a relationship or career? Too many people live in denial of what they really want and settle for so much less than what God intended for them. It’s okay to acknowledge what matters to you without making excuses.

You must KNOW why you were created and what you are to do.

What is your dream? Is there a place in your thoughts that just won’t go away? It is likely you will find your passion there! Your personality, talents and spiritual gifts connect you to your God-given purpose. It’s not enough to just do “good” things with your life. You want to do the “right” things!

You must KNOW the “fatal distractions” and “vital attractions” in your life!

Are there people in your space who sap your energy and steal your joy? Those are fatal distractions. Choose to surround yourself with those who edify you. Whoever gets your time determines what you get in life.

You must KNOW what can help or hinder your passion flow.

The greatest blockage is FEAR. Fear of change. Fear of rejection. Fear of criticism. Fear of failure—to name a few. Whatever you fear most, you attract to you. Faith forces fear to go and allows your passion to

You must KNOW when to release the past.

There’s a chronic disease that paralyzes purpose known as “comfort zone-itis”. (my own terminology) This occurs when someone refuses to move on and let bygones be. Even if you do all the other things to pursue your passion and get stuck in “what was”, you lose. It may be a little scary to take that first step, but pursuing your passion is worth it! Living your purpose IS living your life!

About the Author

Gloria is the author of “Passion For Your Purpose-Discovering Peace, Direction and Balance In Your Life”

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