How do I become a member?

It's easy as 1-2-3 to join. Take a few minutes to JOIN THE CLUB. Membership is FREE and members are provided access to monthly chats, message board, contest eligiblility and monthly online newsletter.

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Do you read one book a month?

Yes, the GOOD GIRL PICK! The selected Good Girl Pick is usually Christian fiction. From time to time we may select a nonfiction book. View Past Good Girl Picks

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Do you recommend other books?

Yes, we eatures several nonfiction books each month in the GGBC newsletter. Click on a category below to view past features.

Good Girl Altar

Nonfiction books on strengthening your prayer life and worship experience.

Good Girl Fellowship

Nonfiction books on friendships, relationships, singleness, family & marriage. 

Good Girl Left Behind

Books in the Left Behind™ Series will be read and discussed. 

Good Girl Pulpit

Nonfiction books by leading pastors and theologians that encourage, uplift, and edify. 

Good Girl Sanctuary

Books on personal growth, spiritual development and intimate issues. 

Good Girl Young Adult

Book and discussion forum for young Christian women. 

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How do I participate in book discussions?

We like to discuss a wide variety of books by diverse authors. There are two ways to participate in discussion.

(1) Message Board & Email Discussion Group

In order to participate on the Good Girl Book Club MESSAGE BOARD or EMAIL DISCUSSION you must sign up for a Yahoo username. View the message board.

(2) Chat Room

Looking for the CHAT ROOM, enter here.  There is NO special registration required for the CHAT ROOM.

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When do you have chats with authors?

Please join us on the last Thursday of each month, as we chat live with the current month’s featured author. This will always be advertised on the main page of Good Girl Book Club.

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