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V. Helena

An accomplished film producer, director, screenwriter, and  playwright, V. Helena has been writing creatively for over 15 years.  A graduate of the University of Maryland, this Haitian-American has secured degrees in the areas of radio, TV, film, business administration, and law.  Her years of writing experience has spawned the writing of His Love is Freedom (due out December 2004), as well as her first novel effort entitled, Tropical Prayers in the Midst of a Dead Cold Winter (due out Summer 2005).  V. Helena lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, Nathan, and son Christian.


Contact Info:
301-352-0712 (P)
301-352-0714 (F)
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Under $1500
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Washington, DC
Relationships, Inspirational, Poetry
Title of current release:
His Love Is Freedom


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