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Michael Matthews

Michael Matthews, a multi-talented music business executive, artist manager, business consultant, marketing guru, motivational speaker, option trader and author. He is the founder and CEO of MJM Management Company, Dominion Marketing, Dominion Global Publishing, Enterprise Records and He has taken digital delivery of music to radio and DJs around the world to another level. Mr. Matthews has spoken at music conferences across the country providing essential information to the industry. Dominion Marketing is currently one of the leading top retail marketing companies around the world. He serves as a growth and financial consultant to businesses spanning many industries. Receiving numerous awards and acknowledgements for his outstanding business contributions and accomplishments, he is recognized as the 2007 Musiq 4 Life Independent Gospel Musiq Awards Entrepreneur of the Decade. Mr. Matthews is the second to receive this award, Cathy Hughes; CEO of Radio One was the first in 1994.


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832-603-2381 (P)
281-277-6626 (F)
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Under $1500
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Houston, Texas
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